Monday, July 9, 2012

The Lady Aye

Michael Showalter has sorted through all the amazing submissions, and has chosen our winner...


Based on one woman’s opinion (mine), let’s say there was a scale of things that are concurrently punk rock and female. Further let’s say that the scale runs from a Wendy O. Williams being beat up by the cops for “indecency” (10-totally punk rock) to Avril Lavigne for Kohl’s (zero-complete absence of punk rockness); Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling rates around a 3.2 (or, Grace Jones hula hoops at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.)  That is, it might once have been edgy and a statement, but now it seems more like harmless fun and good exercise.


Thank you all who submitted, it's always a blast reading the entries.  Check back here for the summer contest judged by Karen Thompson Walker, author of  The Age of Miracles.  If you haven't read it yet, go read it  -- it's a great story about the slowing of the earth's rotation and will make you feel bad and ungrateful for complaining about the heat wave.  And not appreciating gravity.  Until then.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


No?  That doesn't work 89 days after April Fool's?

Michael Showalter Humor Contest is re-opening for this weekend and new deadline to submit (if you haven't already) will be Monday, June 2.   Generally speaking, the rules are: Be funny in any way and any form in 100 words or less.  Subscribe to this blog.  Email entry to with subject NO PUNCHLINE PUNCHLINE. Michael Showalter will be the judge. Winner gets free copy of Mr. Funny Pants!  For more detailed guidelines, click here: Guidelines.

The good news: if you thought about submitting and didn't, well, you still can!  My apologies for the delay to those who have already submitted.  My general excuse for everything these days is that I moved to Alabama.  Every second takes two here. Though mathematically, that still doesn't explain it.

Regardless, get those entries in, and winner will be announced by July 4.  Just in time to purchase your fireworks at Big Daddy's and celebrate.  Right?

Check back here for winners and future Alabama-related posts that will answer questions such as a) who are your new friends?

Creature that lives outside apartment

and b) why do you have to go to the Davy Crockett State Park in Tennessee in order to close your Bank of America account?

via TravelPod

Until then.

Monday, March 26, 2012


April Fool's Day is the kind of holiday that I don't remember exists until it is the morning of April Fool's Day.  And even upon waking, it usually takes someone evil, like a brother, who puts potato chips at the foot of my bed to remind me(all in the name of humor, of course).

Or a boyfriend who pretends he has to move; "I'm moving to California" was his great joke, and me -- so relieved to hear what I think is news -- said,"Oh, okay."

In my experience, April Fool's humor can foster the worst kind of laughter, where one person comes out the victor and the other person is not laughing at all.  It often results in re-established boundaries and permanent damage (oil stains and unexpected break-ups), and the punchline (April Fool's!) offers little relief.

So. I'm calling upon you writer folks to make it a much more amusing day.

THE CONTEST:  NO-PUNCHLINE PUNCHLINE.  In 100 words or less, write something that amuses.   It's as simple as that.

THE JUDGE:  Michael Showalter


He was a founding member of the sketch comedy troupe, The State, which ran for three seasons on MTV. Michael is also a member of the comedy trio Stella, and, along with Michael Ian Black and David Wain, starred in its eponymous Comedy Central series. Both Stella’s full series and national tour are available on DVD. 

Showalter co-wrote, co-produced and starred in the cult comedy “Wet Hot American Summer.” He directed, wrote and starred in the IFC Films romantic comedy, “The Baxter” co-starring Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Banks and Justin Theroux. He has toured the country performing stand-up comedy and his stand-up comedy record, “Sandwiches & Cats” was released in November of 2007 on the JDub Records label. Michael and longtime collaborator Michael Black co-wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in a well-acclaimed series for Comedy Central, “Michael and Michael Have Issues,” newly available on DVD. Showalter also created a popular web interview series on called “The Michael Showalter Showalter.”

Showalter teaches screenwriting at NYU Graduate Film School. His comedic memoir, “Mr. Funny Pants,” hits shelves February 24, 2011 and is published by Hachette Book Group.  

(Bio via


One free copy of Showalter's memoir, Mr. Funny Pants.

Other prizes TBA. 


No entry fee. To be eligible:

Subscribe to this blog Other Things (on the right margin) so you can be updated on future contests and literary events in NYC.

Email your entry (no attachments please) to by Monday April 2, 7pm EST.  Please put NO-PUNCHLINE PUNCHLINE in the subject line, and include your name somewhere in the email, though all submissions will be read blind by Michael Showalter.

Winners will be announced here on this blog shortly thereafter.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So, today, I got on this plane...

Emphasis on this propeller....

Ended up here...


Wyoming.  I can't believe there are places that are this beautiful.  If you live in the house pictured above, or in other houses of Wyoming not pictured, please come to the Riverton Public Library reading on Friday night at 7pm.  Will be reading, signing books, and agreeing with you about how beautiful everything is.

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