Wednesday, October 5, 2011


On October 13, Aryn Kyle and I will be doing a back-to-school themed reading at Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe.  What?  Been there, done that?  Okay, fine, but have you seen this?

There will be a free school-portrait photobooth at event so you can take photos just like Aryn's

Based on this school portrait alone, I'm going to go ahead and say that Aryn Kyle and I had tremendously different elementary school experiences.  I wore boys extra-large hand-me-downs, and she obviously had a lot of headaches.  I wore black Reeboks, and though I can't see Aryn's feet, I like to assume they too are covered in plaid. Yet while reading her collection BOYS AND GIRLS LIKE YOU AND ME, I was convinced we had gone to the same school, that we had cried and laughed over the same things, that we had the same friends, and that we were all wearing black Reeboks.

Let me just say this: it's the only story collection I ever read in one sitting.  Now listen to what Vogue had to say:

"No one captures millennial adolescence like Aryn Kyle.  Her new story collection, Boys and Girls Like You and Me (Scribner), features young women making their way in an America of stultifying suburban sameness—strip shopping malls, generically named apartment complexes—who go to ruthless lengths to get what they want, sleeping with married men and betraying everyone, most of all themselves"  --Vogue

This all brings me to the NICE BRAIDS writing contest. What in God's name is that?  Please read on.

Tell us about your elementary school crush in less than 25 words.  The best description wins.  "Best" will be determined by Aryn Kyle.

Winner of the NICE BRAIDS writing contest gets one free and signed copy of Aryn Kyle's book, a $25 gift card to Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe (a dollar for every word), and your short piece will be read on stage at the "I Like Your New Glasses" event on Oct 13, either by you (if you are NYC-based) or by one of us (if you live in New Mexico).   

To enter NICE BRAIDS, please:

1. Join Other Things, up there on the right.
2. Check out and "like" Aryn Kyle's blog
3. Email submissions to  Put NICE BRAIDS in subject line.  

Contest closes Oct 12, 10pm.  Winner will be announced the morning of Oct 13 here.  Check back in for results (and the release of my own school portrait.  Yes, there is a braid).


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